JW Mega Egg
JW Mega Egg
JW Mega Egg
JW Mega Egg
JW Mega Egg

JW Mega Egg

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Your dog will love chasing and trying to catch the Mega Egg! Mega Egg is an uncatchable. Every time your dog tries to catch it, it flies out from under them so they can chase it again. 

The Mega Egg is popular among canine enrichment experts. It even went viral on Youtube!

Made from hard plastic, the Mega Egg is completely smooth and impossible to pick up. It simply slips away with every attempt to catch it! 

The Mega Egg is the ultimate canine enrichment without food. Most enrichment toys rely on food to spark your dog’s interest, but the Mega Egg is unique because it is fun all on it’s own. 

The Mega Egg is especially great for herding dogs. It challenges their natural herding instincts and gives them a “job” to focus on. They’ll love shoeing off their skills against the Mega Egg!

It comes in three sizes: Small is perfect for toy dogs and companion breeds. Medium is ideal for Cocker Spaniels, Corgis, Beagles and similar sized dogs. For any dog from Border Collies or Tollers and upward, the size Large is made for them. It’s important to get the right size, so that your dog can’t catch the egg. If in doubt, get the bigger size.


Small ca. 12 cm

Medium ca. 17 cm

Large ca. 25 cm